Tuesday, November 30, 2010

another storm coming in

For those of you who have lived in serious WINTER conditions, this is going to get boring and redundant, if it hasn't already. 

I have been out twice with a rake to knock overhangs of snow off the cabin roof.  At one point I had 3 foot long icicles outside the kitchen window.  Then as the snow/ice slowly slides its way down the roof, the snow curls around so that the icicles aim INward toward the window, like some kind of midievil (sp) torture device threatening the inhabitants. 
The Boss and his friend were here about the draft in the stove (it's the air in the pipe, not the stove.  It will get fixed).  Anyway, I said something about we have four more months of this winter.  The Boss laughed and said, "More like six.... into June.  This is a record breaker." 
Oh, goodie.  I have moments of terror at the thought.  No garden, no exercise unless I exercise discipline, which I have never possessed. The exercise bike I bought this summer with big intensions nags louder and louder every hour.   Eeeeeekkkk. 
I'm reorganising trunks and closets already. 
I had been putting Sandalwood oil in the pot of water on the stove.  Two nights ago, I called to ask the Boss and Wife to come over and see if they could smell smoke, as I was stuffed up and caughing and couldn't breathe except through my mouth like a half-wit.  They walked in and said they didn't smell smoke, they smelled perfume.  Apparently I put in more and more sandalwood to kill the smoke smell, and had an allergic reaction.  Headline in local paper:    Damn fool foreigner... first recorded death by sandalwood!
The Boss and Wife and visitors are trying very hard not to laugh and point.  Buster, the border collie just smiles and wants a chewey bone.   He's very tolerant of stupidity.
I will TRY to write about things other than WINTER, but it won't be easy.  Anyone silly enough to read this stuff can help by asking questions.  You may get credit for saving my sanity.

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