Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tried to get to Bible Study group last night.  Turned around after ten miles.  Even with snow tires and 4wd, the roads were slithery.  Slithery is a new word for when 4wd turns into four-wheel slither.  When one begins to slide into a river which is half iced over, the original purpose of being out there shrinks in importance.  Is it worth dying for?  Nope.

So I got home, turned on the TV.  My daughter and her husband watch Survivor faithfully.  It's almost a religeous ritual.  I used to.  For some reason, I got mad at it and quit.  They are always kicking off anyone of value.  For many seasons, the winners seemed to me a succession of non-entities.  I haven't liked anyone since Rupert.

If you don't watch the show, bear with me.  There's a point coming.  I think.

I gave in and watched Survivor. Two of the youngest women announced they were quitting and going home with only 11 more days to go on a deserted island.  They are hungry, tired, and very cold.  Standard conditions.  They have watched the show for years.  Why was this a surprise to them?
One of two teams won a challenge and got to go off island, to watch a movie and eat hot dogs.  (Yes they are after almost a month, this desperate).  The boss said one person could make the sacrifice and stay in camp in return for rice for the whole group.  Food is a big issue.  You can't function or think without it.  One of the older women volunteered.  The girl on this team who is quitting got glared at for being a selfish wimp and going on the reward.  She didn't care.
 I agree that the one who was leaving should have stepped up to the plate and stayed in camp for the rice. But her mind simply could not comprehend the concept of selflessness for the greater good. 
 It set me pondering that each generation seems to be evolving into people of less and less character.  No spine, no courage, no caring about what is right and wrong, and what other people need.  The two girls who voted to quit and run have no clue how pitiful they are. 
 I think it goes back to the fact that each generation is more and more raised by TV and computer screens.  They are not taught integrity, morality, values, civility.  They don't know they are part of a larger universe and have responsibilities.  They are forever selfish children. 
They have gone home by now, proclaiming their right to supreme selfishness.  Some will support them.  Others will shun them.  It will be a lesson.  The finale will be fascinating. Did they learn anything, or do they cling with stubborn pride to their self-absorbed values?
When the end comes, a jury of kicked-off team members will judge which of two remaining players gets the million dollars (before taxes).  I do not think the two wimps should be allowed on the jury!  You quit, you are out of the game.  Big mistake on the producers' part.  But ratings rule the world.

Endless snow has reduced me to watching this nonsense. Is Jerry Springer far behind?  And we may have several more months of WINTER.  Babbling and drooling will commence soon.

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