Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The calendar is galloping toward Christmas.  My daughter is coming up from civilisation with my son in law.  So what's the menu?  British Roast Beef?  Turkey?  Goose?  Wild Turkey crossing the driveway?  Ham?

Nope.  I suddenly have vegetarians in the family.  There's a book out that tells us to eat for our blood type.  Type O's are carnivores.  Type A's are grain and greens foragers.  So we are Type A's.  I think I would have to become road kill myself to give up roast beef.  But Kicking and screaming, vegetarian this Christmas will be. 

Sometimes, it's worth it.  Trust me, carnivores.


This is a variation of the Green Enchiladas I posted a few days ago.

 Make the green tomatillo, chilis sauce in the other posting called Recipes. 
Mix squeezed-dry frozen spinach (chopped) in with drained ricotta cheese, put a long strip on softened corn tortilla.  Add strip of pepper jack cheese, or havarti, tilsit.  Whatever cheese you can't live without.  Spoon a little sauce in.  Roll them up, put edge-down in long oven pan.  Pour a lot of sauce over, cover with grated cheese.  350 degrees until bubbling madly all around,  45 min?

Can add some sun-dried tomatoes or seeded strips of fresh tomatoes. 

 Serve, as with any enchiladas, green salad with balsamic dressing, and garlic bread.  If you add heat to the enchiladas, have some cucumbers in the salad. 

In this climate, for dessert:  Coffee ice cream and hot fudge, OR hot chocolate, marshmallows with a tablespoon of brandy, rum, or Kahlua.

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