Tuesday, December 21, 2010


One thing the snow and ice do outside, you stay in and maybe think.  A little. 

I saw an interview on the John Stewart show of four men who were first responders on 9-11. 

These men are that rare type who will help anyone, any time.  It's just who they are.  They plunged into that nightmare from hell, with poison air and falling bodies to try to help anyone they encountered.  They didn't give a damn about the person's religion, race, age, or political party.  They did what they simply had to do, no matter the risk to themselves.  They are the rarest and most heroic type of human being.  They came from all over the country, in cars, trains, boats to help the people of New York City.  And all these years they have been sick, all over the country.

As we watched them talk, it became obvious that each of the four men was dying, of various effects of the poison they worked in at ground zero.  None of them will live much longer.  Each one said he would do it again, no matter what pain and suffering they have had to endure since 9-11.  It wasn't possible to watch them without crying, for them, their families, and for what this country has become that would let this happen to its best and most heroic citizens. 

And how do we repay them?  Do they have medical coverage, decent care and concern from a grateful nation?  Hardly.  They live on unemployment because they can no longer work.  Their families are broken and destroyed, and they are barely surviving.  Their benefits long ago ran out.  They are left abandoned and alone by the country they loved enough to sacrifice even their own lives.

There is a bill that passed the House.  The Senate is debating what their sense of right and decency should tell them to support.  The money to help these heroes is being voted on YEARS after the nightmare on 9-11.  And there are people WE elected who debate what should be obvious to anyone.  It's by comparison to the zillions we have poured on millionaires a piddling amount, and paid for, not adding to the deficit.  What is the problem?  What kind of human being can question what is the right thing to do, when it's so damned obvious?  Maybe like some insurance companies, they figure if they stall enough, these heroes will all die and won't cost anything.

If you don't know how the people you elected are voting on this issue, find out.  Did you send a good guy, with a conscience, or did you send someone who has sold his soul to the money brokers? 

We used to be the good guys in this world.  What happened to us?

 This isn't why you read this blog.  I don't apologise.  I'm upset and ashamed of my country.  If YOU are not upset too, why not?

I wish you all a loving and peaceful Christmas.  Let us remember and pray for our heroes who deserve better this season than they will get.


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